Kid's can have fun with these award winning fire safety web sites!

Learn from "Exty," The United States Fire Administration's fire extinguisher. Featuring a Parent-Teacher Lounge.

Or follow Sparky the Fire Dog as he teaches fire safety. Sparky the Fire Dog's Safety website has interactive fun activities for children of all ages.

FEMA for Kids! The Federal Emergency Management Agency hosts a great youngster's site.

All of these sites are excellent resources for fire safety education for kid's and their parents. You will learn about firefighters, smoke detectors, escape planning, home fire safety, and just about anything else that you may have questions about. Learn by playing games online, printing out pages for coloring, and visiting question and answer pages.


 Take a look at Louisville Gas & Electric's web site which offers some very helpful safety tips and answers to your questions about gas safety and electrical safety.

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