6801 - Kent Kruer, Harrods Creek FPD, Team Commander

6802 - Jack Miller, Buechel FPD, Deputy Team Commander, Operations

6803 - James Sabastian, Jeffersontown FPD, Deputy Team Commander, Admin

6804 - Travis Bell, Worthington FPD - Deputy Commander, Logistics

6805 - Adam Jones, Buechel FPD, Safety & Compliance Section Chief

6806 - Richard Harrison, Buechel FPD, Finance/Admin Section Chief

6807 - John Cooke, Harrods Creek FPD, Training Section Chief

6810 - Rob Dwyer, Highview FPD, Trench/Structural Collapse Section Chief





Team members respond based on their area of expertise when called into action to save a life of a person who has become trapped or needs some other assistance to safely be removed from a hazardous condition.


Ice Rescue























Water Rescue


Team members are qualified to operate in all surface water rescue operations resulting from flooding (streams or rivers) or surface rescues as a result of victims of boating accidents or accidents involving fixed bodies of water (ponds, lakes).


Team members are certified to the technician or specialist level and respond from their home departments when needed to assist in a call for service from the community's we serve.



Trench & Structural Collapse


Team members are all trained to the technician level for trench rescue and/or structural collapse and utilize specially designed equipment to effect rescues of trapped or injured persons as a result of both natural and man-made disasters.


The trench and structural rescues are especially hazardous to the rescuers in that the areas they have to enter are extremely unstable. In every situation they have to move carefully to shore and stabilize as they move to effect rescues. This requires skills and a nerve to place yourself into precarious situations to rescue others. They risk a lot to save a lot, and sometimes only have the skills set they learn through rigorous training and discipline.



Ropes & Confined Space


The rope & confined space team effects rescues from high-angle locations when people become trapped or are unable to free themselves in addition to making rescues of people who become trapped or unable to get out of confined spaces such as tanks, vaults or underground piping. The use of ropes to repel and recover trapped or injured people is not an easy task, but one our team is trained and proficient at carrying out.

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